Mira’s Diary: Lost in Paris by Marissa Moss

Mira’s Diary: Lost in Paris. By Marissa Moss. Sourcebooks, Inc., 2012. 224 pages. $12.99
A missing mother. An unusual postcard. A trip to Paris. A gargoyle. Due to an unlikely chain of events, Mira time travels to Paris in the late 1800’s and become embroiled in the Dreyfus Affair. Believing she is on a mission to influence the course of history, Mira meets prominent artists and writers of the time including Edgar Degas, Mary Cassett, and Emile Zola. As Mira time travels between Paris of past and present she catches glimpses of her mother providing an incentive for her to complete her task countering anti-Semitism. While Mira is a delightful and engaging heroine, readers need considerable background knowledge to understand the Dreyfus affair, anti-Semitism, and the world of the Impressionist artists. The frequency of Mira’s time travels should rack-up frequent flyer miles and, at times, makes the plot difficult to follow. An author’s note provides much needed historical context and even then might be beyond the reach of the younger readers targeted by the publisher. Suitable for 5th to 7th grade readers.

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