Summer of the Gypsy Moths by Sara Pennypacker

Summer of the Gypsy Moths. By Sara Pennypacker. Balzer & Bray, 2012. 275 pages. $15.99

Stella and Angel couldn’t be more different. Both in foster care, they live with Stella’s Aunt Louise who manages summer vacation cottages on Cape Cod. When tragedy strikes, the girls learn to pull together in unimaginable ways. While they don’t always make the best decisions, the girls have the best of intentions, show amazing resourcefulness, and demonstrate that they are true survivors. Sara Penypacker, author of the Clementine books, has elevated creating memorable female characters to an art form and both Stella and Angel will stay with the reader for some time. Students looking for a book in the adventure/survival genre will find this an unlikely, but most satisfying, option. Suitable for 4th- 7th grade readers.


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