Rope Burn by Jan Siebold

Rope Burn. By Jan Siebold. Albert Whitman & Company, 1998. 82 pages. $5.99 (paperback)
Recently re-released, Rope Burn, is certainly worth another look. Richard’s not especially fond of writing. Especially when Mr. Best assigns writing about proverbs and how they reflect on student’s lives. There is too much material in Richard’s 11-year-old life. His parents have recently divorced, he’s moved to a new neighborhood and school, he’s just made friends with James, and he’s trying to conquer his fear of rope climbing, and that’s just the beginning. Through the series of assignments, Richard begins to address the uncertainties in his life. Like Siebold’s Doing Time Online, this short book quickly engages readers, making it perfect for those who struggle or who would prefer not to read. Each chapter begins with a proverb and can stand on its own as a short story allowing for contemporary connections to traditional literature. Suitable for grades 4-6.

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